Planet Knox’s Amazing Hand Armour Gloves 

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Whether you are a recreational motorcycle rider or you do it professionally you should always aim to have the best gear. Not for the prestige, but for the comfort and safety as well. If you are going to ride a motorcycle, you should be well prepared for it.

Different types of wear are required for different seasons, but some of them should be worn at all time. Helmets are required by law, so of course, we are not talking about them. What you should wear at all times but is not required of you is good clothing that doesn’t allow wind to go through and if you are going to drive at high speeds, gloves.

All of the above mentioned can be found at Planet Knox. Planet Knox is well known for producing the best clothing and equipment a motorcyclist should have. They produce everything from boots and helmets through body armor to gloves. If you need any product and a guaranteed quality, you should definitely check them out.

A Typical Knox-Hand Armour glove

Buy a pair of Knox Hand Armour gloves to protect your hands.

The product they are most known for are their gloves. They have won many awards based on that product alone. If we were asked to describe the product in a few words, those words would probably be innovative, unique and amazing.
There is more than one type of gloves Planet Knox has to offer, some of them are Handroid gloves, Biomech gloves, Zero 2 gloves and more.

knox-handroid-1All of these motorcyclist gloves are made so that they fit the hand perfectly. Equipped with Boa Lacing system they don’t have any pressure points so that you feel irritated while wearing them. They feel like they are almost not tight enough and that they will slip away, but don’t worry, they won’t. Made out of more than fifty strands of wire as thin as nylon all throughout the gloves they are very secure and comfortable.

Planet Knox haven’t invented Boa Lacing system themselves, they are just using the patent because they feel like it is the best there is. What Planet Knox has invented are the extraordinary Exoskeleton spines. Exoskeleton spines are like sliders with the grip on your main knuckles that pulls your fingers back ever so slightly.

The design is made so that when you hold your brakes with two fingers you don’t have to fight the leather of the gloves that want to pull your fingers back, they stay as they are resulting in relaxation of your hand. Other gloves don’t have that, and you will eventually tire your hands. The other purpose is protection of your hands. They are placed perfectly so that they protect your joints the most. They even protect the back of your hand too.


If you don’t trust this article then maybe you should trust to Biomech gloves wearer, the 11 times TT award winner, Michael Dunlop who probably can recognize true quality when he sees it. If you want to treat yourself with these gloves it will cost you a bit more, but have in mind that when it comes to safety, price should be no object.

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Why are these Knox motorcycle gloves called Handroid 

Why are these Knox motorcycle gloves called Handroid 

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Other than helmets, jacket and boots, motorcycle gloves are an essential part of every biker’s equipment. Helmets are of course the most important part and therefore it’s wearing is often regulated by law. Gloves are not a required part of the motorcycle gear but they are surely recommended.

One of the most popular manufacturers of biker equipment and gloves among other things in UK and Australia is Planet Knox. This company has its own glove department called Knox Lab, even though that name does not really imply to a glove-making department their products are one of the most popular and the best motorcycle gloves. The first thing that catches your eye is surely the “cool” look of the Handroid glove.

Material gloves are made of is mostly leather, kangaroo’s or other kind. Knox Handroid Motorcycle gloves have multiple purposes , protection and comfort are probably the most important ones.


Thanks to the Boa Lacing system and kangaroo leather which makes the glove soft to touch, motorcycle gloves are comfortable and suit everybody’s hand. It’s no wonder these gloves won multiple prizes for comfort and innovation since Knox Lab is the first one to use Boa Lacing system for motorcycle gloves.

Motorcycle equipment manufacturers are always trying to modernize and improve the quality of gloves, this they succeeded by producing Handroid gloves with exoskeleton spines, not only do they give these gloves an unique and modern look they also make them more secure and provide better protection for motorcyclist’s hands. This is very important when it comes to some kind of impact or accident. If you are buying these gloves keep in mind that they are for one use (accident) only but they are surely worth every penny because at least your hand will stay protected and you probably wont break any bones, of course if you are not wearing other parts of the motorcycle gear, gloves only cant help you.

Not only do exoskeleton spines give these gloves a modern look and better protection, they are also a reason for naming them Handroid gloves, when you look at them it will be clear why.

Exoskeleton spines protect racer’s knuckles and fingers and it is a flexible spine based mechanism. These spines allow the racers to move their hands and fingers freely, and they do not over tighten his hand. Even if they don’t feel tight there is no way of them falling off because of Boa Lacing system which is a lacing system for motorcycle gloves that has never been used before and is much safer and much more comfortable.

These spines also function as sliders and it relies on the gel padded cover. This exoskeleton spine system allows racer to make a fist with the lot of force, and when it comes to opening your fist it doesn’t require that much force.

Knox’s Handroid morotcycle gloves are surely one of the best ones, if you are able to give that kind of money you surely should. Remember that being safe is the most important thing while riding a bike, especially if you like to race.

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Knox Zero 2 

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Most of the time when you are looking for a product you need you will find yourself confronted with one difficult task – Which brand to choose?

Whether you are looking for a TV, a mobile phone or even something simple as toothpaste you will find yourself overwhelmed with choices of which brand to choose. I can’t tell you which TV you should buy, but what I do know is, if you are looking for motorcycling gear and outfit you should most definitely head over to Planet Knox.

Knox Zero2

Planet Knox has many things to offer to motorcyclist, cyclist or professional racers. If you are unable to go and check out the things in their store because the nearest store is just too far away, don’t worry, you can always head over to Planet Knox’s website and browse everything there. If you find something you like, you can purchase it online and have it delivered to you.

Planet Knox offers boots, helmets, gloves and many more amazing articles, but the thing they are most famous for are their gloves.There is not just one type of gloves. Handroid gloves, Biomech gloves, Zero 2 gloves are just one of the types they have to offer.

All of these are top quality. Planet Knox won several awards due to their innovative and unique design.

They fit wide range of prices, as well as colors and sizes.
Handroid gloves are the latest design and they are currently the most pricy ones. If you haven’t tried any of their products yet and you don’t want to jump the gun, then you should probably go for Zero 2s. Zero 2s are top notch as well but they are less costly.


Zero 2 gloves are windproof, waterproof, insulated and protective. They have something the designers called ” OutDry ”. Outdry is not the standard waterproofing system, it is something Planet Knox’s employees invented. It’s made out one piece with no gaps, leaving no way for the water to get in. Now you might think that this technology would make your hands very warm and sweaty, but they have thought about that too. The Outdry membrane is very breathable allowing your hands to stay dry inside.

Zero 2 gloves are made out of goat and kangaroo leather. Over big part of the gloves there is an additional layer of ”Pittards digital goat leather”. This gives the gloves a high abrasion resistance, which is very important in case of an accident.july_3
While we are on the subject of decreasing the risk of injury, Planet Knox has been working on body armors for over a decade, so it’s no surprise that Zero 2 gloves give additional protection. They are equipped with ”Knox Scaphoid Protection System”, the two pads at the bottom of the palms. They allow the hands to slide at the same speed as the wearer in case of a fall, reducing the risk of fractures.

Nobody wants to find themselves in an accident, but if it does happen its always better if you have protective equipment. So don’t risk injuries when you can easily prevent them with what Planet Knox has to offer.

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